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Dee Fuze
Dee Fuze
Dan will lift your spirits and lift any legal burden from your shoulders. Let me tell you how well treated you will be if you choose Dan to represent you. First, (like us) it will probably only take the initial consultation for you to know you're in good hands. Before the end of the phone call we were already getting our payment info to retain him. Mind you, this was AFTER having already talked to 3 or 4 other attorneys in the area. (Although not necessarily bad conversations) those others didn't really dig in and get in the trenches with us like Dan did. We felt like we instantly had a friend and trusted confidante. Dan listened to everything we had to say and then went into such detail about options, expectations, and reassurances that we just knew we'd be in good hands. I've never had an experience with an attorney like that before. He's well versed, extremely intelligent, sees all the angles, potential pitfalls, and gives his honest opinions on situations and even potential situations. He's a talker for sure, (just like me lol) but you will never go away uninformed, confused about next steps or anything. It's pretty amazing because you're never treated like a number. He actually does care. That's not just what you WANT, but what you actually NEED in an attorney. He kept us abreast on updates and always set expectations. Even when the Supreme Court changed a law which instantly affected everything while we were mid-process. Dan did not give up on us. This change was unexpected and came out of nowhere, (weeks after we had already paid and Dan had put so much work into things) this new ruling literally put a stop on things. Dan could have just let that stop everything. Instead... He regrouped, didn't leave us hanging, came up with a solution and still ended up perfectly representing us. This was a business transaction, but Dan actually became a trusted friend in the end. That's extremely hard to come by these days.
Jay Dice
Jay Dice
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kyser, and he is absolutely stellar. He is honest and straightforward, which is a quality that I greatly appreciate in a lawyer. In the past, I've reached out to other lawyers, and I've felt like they were just trying to shake me down for money. But with Dan, it's been a different experience entirely. He's always upfront with me, giving me a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the legal process. He lays out all of the available options, explaining the potential outcomes and costs associated with each one. This level of transparency is what makes Dan my go-to guy. I had a bad experience with a public defender years ago, so now, I always choose a lawyer who has my best interests in mind. Dan has certainly lived up to that expectation. He's an excellent lawyer who truly cares about his clients, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.
Craig Norman
Craig Norman
Dan showed me outstanding customer service, knowledge of law, and implementation of my rights as they related to the charges against me. He explained things so they made sense to me and explained things I could not to the court. I received the best outcome I could and could not have been more vindicated than I was after my experience with Dan. He is a solid, responsive, stand up man and I recommend him to everyone I come across asking about his field of law. 100% go with Dan.
Craig Norman
Craig Norman
Dan was top notch from beginning to the end. He was fair in how he priced me as well as working with me on payments. He was thorough and diligent in his case research and got me the best possible outcome which seemed out of reach. I absolutely recommend Dan to anyone that has had some life troubles and needs a leg up instead of another hand pressing them down. Great guy.
Patrick Murray
Patrick Murray
The guy always has time to explain stuff...
Jeph Dee
Jeph Dee
Daniel Kyser is an outstanding choice if you’re in need of legal representation for any case, big or small. I’ve come to him for legal council and advisement since his practice opened and am grateful that I stumbled upon one of the few attorneys out there that will zealously work for you as if he were the one in the defendants seat. From simple traffic cases to felony charges, he’s been diligent about every one of them. Easy to speak with and the easiest lawyer to get ahold of that I’ve ever hired. Most firms lose track of what’s what and who’s who while juggling multiple cases, clients and jurisdictions, spreading themselves too thin to focus on someone’s true best interests. Mr. Kyser has always treated me with the utmost consistency and consideration as I’m certain he does everyone in his client roster. A+++
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Being accused of a crime is frightening and stressful. You need someone who knows the process first-hand. As a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney, Daniel H. Kyser know both sides and have proven results. Armed with over 16 years of experience, Daniel H. Kyser is here to defend people just like you. Effective representation means taking care of clients without needless litigation, time, and expense. That is Daniel H. Kyser goal in every case.

With over 16 years of legal expertise, the Law Office of Daniel H. Kyser is your top choice for comprehensive criminal defense representation. Focusing on all criminal charges in Colorado Courts, including Assault, Domestic Violence, DUI/DWAI, Drug Possession/Distribution, Thefts, Burglary, Stalking, and Protection Orders.

As a published Appellate Attorney, Daniel H. Kyser Law Office is well-equipped to handle all legal appeals, from small claims and administrative agencies to the Colorado Supreme Court.

The commitment goes beyond the courtroom. The Law Office of Daniel H. Kyser is one of the few genuine victims' advocate law firms dedicated to representing crime victims, helping you navigate the complex legal system, ensuring your voice is heard, and safeguarding your rights under the Colorado Victim Rights Act.

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Choosing the right attorney is important for the success of your case—in fact, it’s absolutely critical. Make sure you make the right choice by choosing Law Office of Daniel H. Kyser.

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Expertise in Criminal Defense:

With a specialized focus on criminal defense cases, we bring extensive knowledge and experience to effectively handle a range of charges.


Proven Track Record

Our firm has a successful history of defending clients against Assault, Domestic Violence, DUI/DWAI & many more charges in Colorado.


Client-Centric Approach

Your well-being and best interests are at the forefront of our strategies. We tailor our defense to your unique circumstances, aiming for the most favorable outcome.


Local Knowledge

Being based in Colorado, we have in-depth understanding of the state's legal system, judges, and prosecutors, giving us an advantage when building a solid defense for our clients.

Areas Of Practice

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At Law Office of Daniel H. Kyser we can help you through a variety of issues you may find yourself confronting in the course of criminal Charges. Call us at 303-831-6111 to speak with one of the best Criminal lawyers in Colorado.